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First Lady Michelle Obama & Dr. Jill Biden Cover PARADE Magazine

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden look amazing on the cover of the April 24 issue of Parade magazine. Mrs. Obama is sporting a red sleeveless dress while Mrs. Biden has on a bright blue dress, all they needed was a little white in the mix and they’d be a human version of the American flag. In this issues, the  two ladies discuss their first joint project,  called Joining Forces,. The project supports and honors the families of the nation’s service members. Both ladies are slated to appear on ABC’s The View, this coming Monday at 11 am EST. In the meantime, check out a snippet of what the women had to say.

The First Lady:

When I started campaigning for my husband, I wanted to meet with groups of women to make sure their stories were a part of the conversation in his campaign and potentially in his administration. Everywhere I went there were military spouses, and their stories took my breath away – the pain of multiple deployments, trying to keep the family afloat. I remember sitting and crying with a group of them. Studies show that many military families feel like the country doesn’t recognize or appreciate (them). And it breaks my heart, because they’re serving as passionately and deeply and proudly as the men and women in uniform.

Dr. Biden: “We just need to say to America, “Wake up. You need to support these families and we need to lift them up and really value them

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