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Tameka Raymond Clears The Air in “Sister 2 Sister” Magazine


Tameka Raymond, ex-wife of Usher Raymond, has been heavily criticized by the public for years.  Tameka has always tried to defend herself, whether it be through interviews of Twitter rants. Now the stylist is speaking out and clearing up any misconceptions people may have about her. Check out what Tameka had to say in Sister 2 Sister magazine.


Tameka on….


not being interested in “fame”:

“I’m camera shy as hell. Its a funny thing because I’ve heard people say Oh she’s a media whore. She always wants to be inf ront of the camera. It’s so opposite. I hate it. I understand that there are things that I have to do…”

(blogs) regarding her marriage to Usher:

“It’s a sad scenario because the lack of support that we received was from the Black women. Only the ignorant people are the loud one and are the ones basing on blogs and talking and writing up terrible stories and false reports and all of that. That’s ignorance. People with sense,they’re busy”.

falling in love with Usher:

“At that time I would say he was my bestfriend. I’m a regular woman that happened to fall in love with an artist. Actually, I didn’t fall in love with an artist; I fell in love with a man. We were both going through kind of a tumultuous time in our relationships. I was getting ready to go through a divorce, separating from my first husband. He had broken up with his girlfriend. He had been in a long-term relationship with someone that he really cared about.And I guess we leaned on each other”.

Usher’s romance with Grace Miguel:

“I’ve heard it, of course.” (She was asked how it makes her feel..her response…) I’ve never seen it so I don’t know. It doesn’t make me feel any kind of way because he’s not my husband anymore”.

On her father:

“I have to say a good father is essential, cause my father? Although he had a bunch of kids… my dad has about 15 or 16 children…”

her wedding invites to her sister and sibling:

” I was having a wedding in the Hamptons and we were inviting a hundred people because it was at Mr. (L.A.) Reid’s home. We flew to Oakland, he and I. We took my family to dinner. There had to be about 10 of us. And I basically told everyone, “I’m sorry I can’t invite you to the wedding but it’s got to be a small group. And he alone has 100 extra people that want to come, at least. She was like “I don’t understand”. My other sister on my mom’s side was going to actually be in the wedding. So it was like, “So you telling me she can be in the wedding but I can’t even come?” So she felt like I was putting on airs and thinking I was too good”.

the sister who went to the Enquirer:

“Everything she said was made up. I hate to say “jealousy” because that’s such an overused term. You know how people say, “Oh she’s just jealous,” and I don’t want to misuse it but that’s really what it boiled down to. She just made up stories about me, like, out of this world. The story hit a week before my wedding. That will never be fixed with me, though.

being called a gold-digger:

“Now that would be one of the more offensive comments, back when I used to hear all these things about myself. I find that so offensive because I work so hard”.

Jay-Z‘s Black Album:

“I remember Jay-Z- I was doing a video for him for “Dirt Off Your Shoulder“. I did the whole Black Album, when he took off jerseys and started wearing button-down shirts. “Change Clothes“- I did all those things.”

Usher Is Being Sued By A College Student?



(February 9, 2011 - Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images North America)


A student from Morehouse College has a bone to pick with Usher. Kameron Glasper filed a lawsuit with DeKalb Superior Court to reclaim control over the songs he wrote for a publishing company. One of these songs jsut so happens to be Monstar,from Usher’s 2010 album, Raymond vs. Raymond.
Glasper claims he signed a contract with Legendary Poets Music Publishing in October of 2009 to write 10 songs for them. Unfortunately, in the process, he signed away half of his interest in the tracks.

Kameron said that when he signed away his royalties, he was taken advantage of and vulnerable due to his desire to want to work in the music industry.  According to YR, he also said that Bethel Harris, the owner of the publishing company, claimed to be “the only person that Usher Raymond’s representatives would negotiate with for the song Monster.”

Glasper  is seeking 100 percent ownership of the songs he wrote and wants Legendary Poets to reimburse him for legal fees affiliated with this case.


(Source- YR)

In Case You Missed It: Arrival Photos for Belvedere Red Presents Usher Live 2/10/11



Kelly Price, Jordin Sparks, Estelle, Adrienne Bailon, Tocarra , Mya and Usher all walked the red carpet before entering  Belvedere to watch Mr. Usher Raymond perform on Feb. 10.  We can tell you first hand that Usher brought down the house and gave a stellar show. Check out some of the arrival photos from the event below.

Getty Images

Usher Raymond and his sons go pumpkin picking

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Singer Usher Raymond and his sons got into the Halloween spirit a little early. The “OMG” singer was spotted at a pumpkin patch on October 14, 2010. Not only was Usher celebrating Halloween with the kids, but he was also celebrating his birthday. The boys enjoyed some quality tie with daddy and got their faces painted.


New Music Video: Usher – More

This is a completely different video concept for Usher. Maybe the divorce helped him change his artistry? It looks more like a movie rather than a music video. It’s catchy, not sure if I like it.

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