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Audrey Hepurn Covers Vanity Fair France [Aug’13]


Vanity Fair France goes vintage with its August issue.

Iconic actress Audrey Hepurn graces the cover in a stunning retouched photo.

Hepurn’s second son, Luca Dotti, decided to let Vanity Fair get a peek into the star’s life, by sharing photos from the family album and the love story between his mother and Rome.
Close links exist between the star and the Eternal City: as the classic film Roman Holiday (1954)  is the only time Hepburn won an Oscar.

For more on Hepurn’s feature visit Vanity Fair France.

Kerry Washington For Vanity Fair Magazine


The IT girl of primetime, Kerry Washington covers the August issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

The Scandal star was photographed by Norman Jean Roy, as she posed in a cut-out white bathing suit in an open pool.

In this issue, the actress discusses her widely-popular character, Olivia Pope.

Check out some of her interview highlights with Vanity Fair!

On women looking up to Olivia Pope:
“One of the most profound things for me about the show is the number of white women of all ages who come up to me and say, ‘I want to be Olivia Pope.’ It’s especially profound in a place like South Africa. It’s called ‘The Fixer’ over there, and it just started its second season. The fact that white women can see this woman of color as an inspirational character is revolutionary, I think, in the medium of television. I don’t think white women would feel that way about Olivia if her identity as a woman, period, wasn’t first in their mind.”

On her favorite thing about Olivia:
“What I think is cool about Olivia is that she fully owns being a woman. There’s a very nurturing sense of ‘I’m going to take care of you – don’t worry about it. I’m gonna be your mom in this situation. You come stay in my office, have a cup of tea, and let my gladiators take care of you.’ There’s something very maternal about it. But there’s also something very executive about her, and I mean ‘executive’ in a presidential way.”

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Michelle Obama Ranked ‘Queen of Fashion’ By British Magazine



Britain’s Sunday Times Style magazine placed First Lady Michelle Obama at the top of its best-dressed list.

The magazine took their promotion up another notch  by releasing an ad with a picture of the FLOTUS wearing a royal crown on a British first-class postage stamp.

According to the Little Black Book, the judges praised Mrs. Obama’s “understanding that, as her primary role as first lady is visual, fashion can be a force for good used to inspire and entertain.”

The FLOTUS has been consistently complemented on her trend-setting outfits and her unique style. This stamp shows the first lady in a very regal and classy way; it’s probably one of mrs. Obama’s most honorable fashion mentions to-date.




Actress Gwyneth Paltrow Goes Topless For Vanity Fair Magazine

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Remain Cordial


Courtesy of Jeff Vespa/

Being that Justin Timberlake thinks Jessica Biel is”the most significant person in his life,” it’s no surprise that two can still be cordial towards one another.

According to E! Online, the two recently attended the same party (separately of course) for Timberlake’s   business partner’s Trace Ayala‘s expectant girlfriend.

E! Online‘s source said there was canoodling, instead they were just two friends chopping it up.
“There was no PDA, but they were talking to each other for awhile,” said the source. “They ate and sat next to each other.”
The source also said that the two hugged and kissed before going their separate ways.

They did kiss before departing, but it wasn’t the romantic type of smooch.

“They hugged goodbye and kissed each other on the cheek,” the source says.

Well if JT can do a movie with ex Cameron Diaz, then seeing Jessica at a random party should be no big deal really.
Read more: E! Online
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