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When Keeping It ‘Real’ Goes Wrong: Kelly Rowland’s lace front malfunction

I always thought Kelly Rowland needed a new hairstylist after she sported that horribly noticeable lace front Mohawk in the video “When Love Takes Over.” Now, after seeing the picture below,  I know for a fact she needs to fire her stylist.  Rowland (pictured above with fellow singer Brandy) showed up at the Universal Motown Republic Group Grammy party with  glue protruding from her hairline.

It’s so noticeable and it makes  me wonder if she even looked in a mirror before she left.  No stylist could have put that wig on for her.  There’s nothing wrong with wearing a wig, weave, braids, clip-ins etc., but at least make sure no one knows that’s what it is. At least her foundation is the right tone.

View the disaster below.

Looks like Brandy saw it too! LOL

Pictures courtesy Zimbio

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