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Justin Timberlake Wants to Play ‘The Riddler’


Justin Timberlake has his sights set on a new role, and it’s no riddle.

During a recent interview with Fresh 102.7’s Jim and Kim Show about his Runner Runner co-star, Ben Affleck, being cast in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. “Ben Affleck as Batman, I like it,” he said. “I worked with Ben last summer and I’ve seen his process. I think he’s a brilliant filmmaker. I think he’s an extreme talent so he could surprise a lot of people.”

But when Justin was asked if he’d  consider playing ‘Robin,’ he answered with a laugh, “Not a chance in hell,” clarifying, “I ain’t playin’ Robin. I have no aspiration to ever be a superhero in a movie. Now VILLAIN! Ill tell you the villain I want to play more than anything because I grew up loving Batman, funny enough, is the Riddler. The Riddler is my favorite villain.”

He continues, “The Riddler was like a sociopath. He was proper crazy. So if I’m gonna play crazy, I’m wanna play proper crazy. I’m ready. The Riddler. Gimme a call.”

fans haven’t seen The Riddler in a Batman movie, since Jim Carrey portrayed the villain in the film, Batman Forever.

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