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Willow Smith For ‘Teen Vogue’


Willow on her style and attire:
‘I wear anything I feel like,’ she adds of her own sense of style. ‘If I want to put on a pair of Converse with a pencil stuck through them, I will.’

Willow on being surprised on how well “Whip My Hair” has been doing:
‘When I first put [‘Whip My Hair’] out, everyone was like, “Willow, Willow, I love your song!” And I was like, “Really?'”‘ recalls the pop star.

Willow on what the song means:
“Whipping your hair means not being afraid to be yourself.”
And it is her famous parents she has to thank for her ambition.

Willow on being inspired by her parents:
“‘I used to go on tour with my mom and dad and see what they were doing, and I’d tell them, “Oh, I wanna do that, I wanna do that,”‘ she recalls.”

Willow on her regular family life:
“It’s pretty much a regular family,” “At dinner we talk about ‘What did you do today? What did you wear today?’ Not anything about work.”

Lance Bass…Is that you?

Former N*SYNC member Lance Bass recently took part in a photo shoot and he’s hardly recognizable anymore. Looks like Bass went under the knife one too many times. He looks like a cross between a emo and a Grunge singer.

Kelly Rowland portrays ‘Rosie the Riveter’ in alter ego photoshoot

Singer and actress Kelly Rowland is the latest celebrity to take on an alter ego in a photoshoot. THese enchanting pictures were taken by photographer Derek Blanks.  This time around, Rowland portrayed American icon ‘Rose the Riveter’.  Rosie the Riveter’ symbolizes strength and determination.  She represents all the American women who worked in war factories during World War II.

Rowland looks glamorous, but they seemed to have overdone it with the  photoshop in the last picture.

View more pictures below:

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