Win a chance to meet R&B singer Usher Raymond


Are you an Usher fan? want to win a chance to win Usher in-person? Want to win free giveaways?

Visit here for more information!

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  1. I go to church at The United House Of Prayer For All People at 2719 rd Ave SW, Atlanta, ga 30315. And I’m a mentor for the Distinguished Gentlemen for young men from ages 12-18.

    I’m writing this because they need to hear from Black Men that are doing right. Doing something with there lives that can keep them in the right not the wrong spot. I was seeing if we can set up something. Either doing like a fun day in the church parking lot or somewhere down town.

    My name is ‘Antar Carr I’m a Mentor & A Volunteer all day ever day my way of giving back
    678 491 5430

    Sunday Service starts at 11 am & 8 pm Monday – Saturday

  2. I want a wish for a close friend of mine to meet her favorite singer

  3. I love Usher Raymond as he appears to be on the outside. I’ve been to all concerts he’s performed at in New Orleans. I want to get to know a little about him. And him to see how an “ordinary” woman can make him feel like a KING…..<3

  4. kiandrea brimmage

    Hello I am a big fan I just love usher to death I would love the opportunity to meet him I have never been to any of his concerts and would to get the chance to go to one I have always wanted to meet him in person my family can vouch for that I hope I can oneday get that chance to meet and see him live in concert

  5. I wood love to met usher very munch

  6. I’m big fan off usher…I just want him..and he scammed on Instagram say they him. Talking send him money. And he need address these people ..

  7. I’m big fan of usher…I live me some I love meet him..

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