Basketball Wives cover ‘Hype Hair’ magazine

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The ladies from the upcoming season show off their hair in the newest issue of Hype hair.  The second season of Basketball Wives kicks off next month.  The new members of the cast include: Ashley Walker (Girlfriend of Rafer Alston), Juli Richmond (wife of retired NBA all-star Mitch Richmond) and Kimberli Russell (wife of retired NBA all-star Bryon Russell).

Source: HypeHair

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  1. Evelyn, I hope you read this before this negativity that is always in your head, begins to possess you. You have so much anger about so many issues and so many people, that it is unpleasant to watch Basketball Wives anymore. I can only speak for myself, so this is my opinion only. And I am very sorry if I hurt your feelings but you’re putting it out there for the world to see, so I figure you’re fair game to comment on……good OR bad.

    But Evelyn, you have some major issues, mostly revolving around your attitude and how much you think your stuff doesn’t smell. And the way you manipulate your friends and try to get them involved in your petty little stupid confrontations, is so childish. I’m afraid that if Jennifer continues to hang out with you, that she’s going to pickup your negative attitude and end up more depressed and unable to deal with her own problems because you are constantly talking to her and anyone who will listen to you, about YOU and only YOU and who has done what to YOU, and it gets really boring and sickening and I hope she drops YOU like a hot potato the way you dropped all the others. I have a feeling that if she starts to see you for what you really are, you’re going to lose the only real friend you have left. I know Shaunie’s there and there’s a few others, but you’re really depressing to be around and I sure hope you get some serious counseling before you push everyone away and end up an old maid. I’m serious here. You have REALLY gotten bad since this show has started. Take heed and stop looking for the negativity in everything and everyone. If someone says something wrong to or about you, you don’t have to attack them physically or verbally. You are showing yourself to be very out of control where your emotions are concerned which makes me think that you may have some problems with alcohol or some other way of self-medicating. But regardless, you are going to be the downfall of this show because it has gotten WAY too negative. And you’re so beautiful, and you started out seemingly quite sweet. But no more. You’re like the bitch of the show now. It’s not very attractive Evelyn. Get real before you forget what real is. Good luck hon. Peace, Barbara S.

  2. Have you heard of the all NEW Reality show called THE BAY WIVES??? Check it out just Google the name ITS GREAT!!!

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