Editorial: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Rumors


There is plenty to be read about plastic surgery on the internet, as it is a constant source of intrigue and debate. For specific information on procedures, people may head to sites such as www.aboutplasticsurgery.com. For some commentary on what people are considering lately in plastic surgery, people might run a simple search for current trends in the field. However, perhaps the most popular source of plastic surgery information is the world of celebrities, which is never quiet when it comes to rumors of surgery. Just as people love to scrutinize every new hairstyle and clothing combination worn by celebrities, it is very common for people to analyze the physical appearances of celebrities. Often, this leads to these celebrities being suspected of having had plastic surgery.

For example, one very popular topic relevant to this discussion lately has revolved around Ali Lohan, the younger sister of Lindsay Lohan. In this case, it almost seems as if people got tired of writing about Lindsay Lohan’s constant controversies, and decided to pick on her little sister instead. That said, however, the photographs that show Ali Lohan before and after her alleged surgery are quite telling, and strongly indicate that at the very least she may have undergone a facelift. Ali’s face is thinner, her jaw is more sharply defined, and her nose seems somewhat differently shaped, indicating that she may in fact have had various surgeries to her face. Nothing seems certain, however.

Another popular subject of these sorts of discussions is Kim Kardashian, who is more or less constantly accused of having had some work done. Basically, there are a number of different sets of before-and-after photos that certainly make it appear as if Miss Kardashian has had some sort of facial plastic surgery. However, the star has stubbornly continued to deny the rumors, and insists that she has never had a plastic surgery. While it certainly appears that she has, she is also a celebrity known for heavy focus on style and makeup, and it may simply be that she makes herself look different on different occasions, to the point that surgery is suspected.

Ultimately, this is little more than a game that the press likes to play. People are always looking for new celebrity trends and gossip to follow, and it is often easy to target celebrities in discussions of plastic surgery. However, it is important to remember that most of the rumors you hear about celebrity surgeries are just that: rumors. This is not to say that many Hollywood celebrities don’t have surgeries; however, there are plenty who do not as well.

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