Album Review: No Doubt – “Push And Shove”

The Rock band No Doubt has been sorely missed on the music scene. For a while, many wondered if the band would ever get back together, especially since they all ventured off to conquer their own solo projects. Many bands have tried to imitate their unique sound and melodies, but have failed miserably. Now, after 11-years the band is back and it’s almost as though they never left.

Their new studio album, Push And Shove, hits iTunes tomorrow (September 25) and it is jam-packed with a variety of standout songs.

The lead single “Settle Down” is a mixture of Caribbean beats and melodies, some of which include Reggae, Ska and Dancehall. The band’s decision to spearhead their comeback with “Settle Down” shows both fans and critics, that they’ve still got it.

After being on hiatus for so long, many feared the band would abandon the unique sound that made them a household name, but  “Settle Down” proves otherwise.  This song could easily be placed on any of the band’s previous albums, and blend in perfectly without disrupting the album’s flow. “Settle Down” sets the pace for what’s to come, which happens to be a fun-filled album composed of various genres intertwined with one another.

The song “Looking Hot” is the perfect ‘Rockstar Anthem’ to help get you pumped up before heading out on a Friday night. At one point, Stefani sings, “I know you wanna stare/You can’t help it and I don’t care/So look at me/‘Cause that’s what I want.” The lyrics will make even the most insecure person take a look in the mirror and think they’re looking hot. The song is a definite contrast from the lead single, “Settle Down,” but it’s still a winner in my book.

The title song “Push And Shove” featuring Major Lazer and Busy Signal is the only collaboration on the album. The Reggae-infused song has so many twists and turns, as far as its melodies and beats go, that bassist Tony Kanal compared the track to Queen‘s classic hit, “Bohemian Rhapsody.”  One of the most entertaining, or dare I say hypnotic, parts of the song is the back and forth bar-battle between Gwen Stefani and Busy Signal. Signal is a true veteran Reggae artist, but Stefani holds her own  during the friendly battle.

Every album needs that one signature slow song that makes you just sit back and get lost in its lyrics and for Push And Shove, the song “Easy” is it. The song is self-explanatory and focuses more on Stefani’s vocal ability than anything else. “Easy” is reminiscent of the love songs that were heavily used on 1980s movie soundtracks, and even though the days of big hair and torn clothes are long gone, this track would be the perfect addition to any present-day movie soundtrack.

The track “Gravity” is sure to give die-hard No Doubt fans a hint of nostalgia.  The song kicks-off with the band’s signature raygun-like electronic sound; a sound made popular in their 2001 hit song, “Hey Baby.”  Even though “Gravity” isn’t the Dancehall-infused Pop song “Hey Baby” is, the arrangement works for this love song. The track was written by Stefani, Tony Kanal, and Tom Dumont and serves as a declaration of love to the frontwoman’s husband, Gavin Rossdale. Stefani’s scale-climbing vocals coupled with the song’s romantic subject matter make it a definite chart-topping hit.

No Doubt goes on to channel Meat Loaf  for the track, “Sparkle.”  The arrangement of the song’s chorus is eerily similar to Meat Loaf’s 1993 hit song, “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).” Both songs speak of an unrequited love that has been lost and can’t be salvaged, but the blend of instruments and genres in “Sparkle,”  make it appeal to a broader audience. This is one of the few songs on the album, where the band’s stellar use of  instruments overshadows the vocals. Young’s superb drum work and Kanal’s bass solos on the song gives it a jazzy 1980s feel, with a touch of Dancehall added to the mix.

Push And Shove is timeless. The band’s ability to create an appealing album without conforming to today’s music trends, shows their true devotion to fans and to the music.

No Doubt’s Push And Shove hits iTunes, Amazon and stores on September 25.

No Doubt is also streaming 5 remixes of “Settle Down” via SoundCloud.

Pre-order Push And Shove on iTunes – Click here!

No Doubt’s Official Sites:


Special thanks to Liz and Elissa of Total Assault, as well as Miles Arnay of UMusic/Interscope.

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