Album Review || Dirty Dancing: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition

In 1987, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey danced their way into the hearts of  movie-goers in the film Dirty Dancing. The romance between “Johnny” and “Baby” made our hearts flutter, but the film wouldn’t be the cult classic that it is today, without its amazing music. The movie’s soundtrack was a huge success, spending more than 18-weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album sales charts and going platinum in several different countries. Now, to commemorate the movie’s 25th anniversary, a brand new copy of the soundtrack, titled Dirty Dancing: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition, has been released.

Legacy Recordings enlisted the help of millions of fans to make this anniversary edition a top-notch collector’s item. Instead of drowning the deluxe anniversary edition with bonus tracks, fans insisted that only the original tracks be included. The soundtrack’s artwork features a still-shot of “Johnny” and “Baby’s” famous ‘Lift scene,’ which was also voted on by fans.

The anniversary edition’s overall packaging is stunning. Instead of a boring plastic case that can easily break, the album comes in a DVD-style case with a book-like feel. This edition also includes notes and insight by executive producer Jimmy Ienner, producers Michael Lloyd & Leon Medica, and producer-performers Eric Carmen and Zappacosta. From the high-quality photos of some of the movie’s most beloved scenes to the six ready-to-frame glossy art cards, this deluxe anniversary edition lives up to its name.

One of the greatest aspects of this edition, and probably the most sentimental as well, is the tribute to the movie’s star Patrick Swayze, who died from pancreatic cancer in 2009. Fans insisted that a tribute to the star be included and Legacy granted their wish.

Dirty Dancing: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition is currently available at For a more in-depth look at the album’s packaging, check out the photos in the gallery below.

Special Thanks –  Nicole A. &  Chip S. of Miles High Productions.

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