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Bret Michael’s Billboard cover:”I Didn’t Eat for a Day & I Did About 2,000 Sit-Ups”

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Last week, we showed you Bret Michaels‘ nude Billboard Magazine cover. Now, the rocker has opened up to E! Online about the experience and how he got in-shape.  Apparently, Michaels decide to fast and engage himself in a  rigorous workout regimen.

Read what Michaels exclusively told E! Online below:

“I said, ‘Listen, I have two requests—good lighting and a warm room. That’s all I’m asking for,'” Michaels tells me. “If I’m walking out with it all f**king hanging out there for the world to see then, well, I need good lighting and a warm room.”

And some sit-ups! “I didn’t eat for a day and I did about 2,000 sit-ups,” he says.

Michaels’ new VH1 reality show, Brett: Michaels: Life As I Know It, premieres October 18. 2010.

Read more: E! Online

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