Julianne Moore for GLOW Magazine



Julianne Moore covers the Winter 2015 issue of Glow magazine.

On Meryl Streep being her career role model- “I can remember when Meryl Streep was on the cover of Time magazine when I was in high school, and I said to my dad, ‘I think I want to do this.’ She is just such a great actress. And she’s someone who has managed to have a family, a marriage and a career.”

 On her nomadic upbringing- “It wasn’t until later in life that I learned how to be in a community and have friends and foster relationships and kind of count on that. When you don’t grow up with that, it’s not necessarily something you know how to do. And I’m really proud now that I feel like I do have a community and a life that I love, and I do feel entrenched in something. In terms of my family and friends, I have a life that I can count on in that way.”

On her own parenting strategy- “One of the most important things I tell my children is that content matters. Who you are, what you think, who you are going to become, how you behave, all of those things really add up to being a valuable person. The outside is great, obviously, but it all really does come from within.”

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Robert DeNiro for ASPEN PEAK Magazine



Robert De Niro  covers the Holiday 2014 issue of Aspen Peak magazine.


On constantly hearing he’s one of the greatest actors of all time: “People treat me with a bit too much reverence. Look at Dustin Hoffman. I always envy the way he can speak and be smart and funny and so on. I just can’t do that.”

On the death of Robin Williams- “When you get old you look back at those things, the times, the good experiences you had and you realize that they’re forever gone. I’m very saddened by what happened to Robin. Very sad. His death brought back all the good old times that are no more.”

On wanting Hilary Clinton to run for president -“If Hillary [Clinton] runs in 2016, she has my vote. I’ll get behind her. I know she has paid her dues. I have trust in her. She has the experience and ability to make an excellent leader.”

Queen Latifah’s Talk Show Has Been Canceled

queen latifah show


Queen Latifah‘s talk show has been cancelled..

The Queen Latifah Show will wrap by the end of the year. Original episodes of the show will continue to air through March of 2015.

The host posted a good-bye and thank you message on the show’s Facebook page:

“Just a little note to say Thank You. Thank you for your strong work ethic and great effort in getting The Queen Latifah Show off the ground and running. Your dedication and sacrifice was crucial to the entire team, and in the face of intense challenges, you displayed ‘True Grit!’ Your Family, Partners, Staff and Crew showed up with you every step of the way. Be very proud of that! Not everyone can say the same,” she wrote.

“You can also say you have been a blessing to and been blessed by amazing guests and incredible audiences for this show. We truly changed people’s lives for the better. So … STAY POSITIVE, STAY STRONG, and most importantly, STAY OPEN … There is so much more God has in store! Lovingly, You!”

She also added, “P.S. This letter is for me, my staff, my crew, and everyone who was by my side for this incredible journey. The most important thing in life is that you wake up every single day and take chances. No matter what the outcome … believe in yourself and continue to fly.”

The Queen Latifah Show premiered in September of 2013.

Taylor Swift for Lucky Magazine [December 2014]


Taylor Swift has the No. 1 album world-wide and now she’s taking over LUCKY magazine.

The “Shake It Off” singer shares her views on love in the December 2014/January 2015 issue of the magazine.

 On happily ever afters: “Wow, I really used to think that happily ever after was a thing. Not in those simple terms…I think that no matter what you find in terms of happiness and compatibility, there’s always going to be a struggle attached to it. I used to believe that you find the one and that’s it: Nothing’s difficult after that.”

On what she knows about lasting relationships: “But then again, I know nothing now. I know legitimately nothing about lasting relationship experiences because I don’t have them.”

On getting her pleasure from caffeinated libations- “Coffee’s a big part of my life. Skinny caramel lattes are a daily thing that I get excited about and I never stop being excited about. So if I could just find one person who I felt that way about—the way I feel about coffee—then I think I’d be in a content relationship.”

Kourtney Kardashian for ‘FIT Pregnancy” Magazine



Kourtney Kardashian looks amazing on the December/January issue of  Fit Pregnancy magazine.

The 35-year-old mother of two (almost three) chatted with the publication about her plans for  her upcoming bundle.

 On doing things herself: “I love doing everything myself at the beginning. I’m not getting a baby nurse. I take two months off and no one is allowed to bother me or talk to me about anything work-related — or maybe three months this time,” Kardashian explained.

On nursing her children: “I nursed Mason for 14 months and Penelope for 16, and I loved it,” Kourtney explained. “It was built-in time that the two of us could share alone every day. I didn’t have any goals or expectations.”

On alone time:  “It’s the only time I feel I have that excuse to shut everyone out and shut everything off. That time is a gift.”

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” beauty is due next month!

Melissa McCarthy Lands ‘Tinker Bell’ Role in a Live-Action Movie



Melissa McCarthy is getting her wings!

The actress (who just lost 45 pounds!) is set to play Tinker Bell in an upcoming live-action comedy from director Shawn Levy.

Nicholas Stoller  will write the script.  No official plot line for the film has been revealed, but with McCarthy involved, it’s bound to be hilarious.

Dave Chapelle is GQ’s “Comeback of the Year”


Dave Chapelle is finally back int eh spotlight and GQ has recognized that. The comedian was given the title “The Comeback of the Year” by the magazine.

During his sit-down Chapelle spoke on his time away from the spotlight, what brought him back and what he’s got on his bucket list.


So if you could choose, what shows would you guest-star on?
I’d be a zombie in The Walking Dead. A corpse on CSI. I’d be the first black guy to fuck Olivia Pope on Scandal.

I always joke with my friends that black women would hate Scandal if the president were black and his mistress were white.
That shit would be hilarious! It’d be named Extreme Scandal.

Do you watch a lot of television?
I started being the new television viewer, where I come in late to a series and just binge-watch it online. And I love it, because sometimes the anticipation, waiting from week to week, is too much. I binge-watched the first two seasons of The Walking Dead that way. I probably didn’t get into Breaking Bad until, like, the third season. I watched The Wire retroactively, too.

Fame can be a tough thing.
Some people have great experiences in show business. We’ll say, for lack of a better term, I had an allergic reaction to some of the things that I was going through.

Can you really go days in your bubble and not think about or remember that you did Chappelle’s Show?
Yeah, man. Which is good, because what that’s allowed me to do is have a vantage point about my own life that’s accessible to people still. I could see a guy walking down the street and be like, Even though I’m famous, I got more in common with this guy than, like, Brad Pitt. You know what I mean? Like, as a comedian, there’s a certain closeness you need with people. I listen to some of Richard Pryor’s shows as an adult, and it’s more remarkable—moments when he’s talking about freebasing and Jim Brown, staging interventions, and just these kinds of bits. Or the one where he says, “He took me in the basement and showed me the monster.” I mean, I get chills thinking about that bit.

For more with Chapelle, check out GQ.com.


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