Fantasia Barrino Attributes 20LB Weight-loss to Loving Grandmother


“American idol” winner Fantasia Barrino has lost 20 pounds and her late grandmother has been her motivation.

I lost my grandmother untimely from a massive heart attack, after which I began to take notice of my habits, such as what I was eating and allowing to enter my body, and monitoring stress — as well as the fact that I want to look and feel my best each and every day,” Fantasia, 32, told PEOPLE during a recent interview.

Barrino has been consistently posting workout photos, clips and motivational messages to her fans on social media.  But don’t think working out is all she does.

In regard to her diet, Barrino says, “I have turned toward leaner meats, seafood, more vegetables, and cutting back or eliminating salts and sugars.”

For more photos of Barrino’s transformation and workout clips, check out her Instagram.

“The Exorcist” Author William Peter Blatty Dead at 89


Famed Author William Peter Blatty, who wrote “The Exorcist,” has died. He was 89.

Blatty died Thursday at a hospital in Md.  His widow, Julie Alicia Blatty, told the Associated Press, that his cause of death was multiple myeloma, which isa form of blood cancer.

The book, “The Exorcist” was published in 1971 and Blatty went on to write and produce the movie, which was released  in 1973.  The movie has spawned a television show and the movie itself is aired every year around Halloween time.

“Scandal” Premiere Date Pushed Back Due to Donald Trump Special


Scandal fans will have to wait anther week for its season premiere. The show was slated to return January 19. however, due to a special for president-elect Donald Trump, the show will premiere on Jan. 26.

But Scandal isn’t the only show affected by this. The entire TGIT line-up will make its return on Jan. 26.

The Trump special, is courtesy of 20/20 and is called “America’s First Family: The Trumps Go to Washington.”  It will air on Thursday, January 19, at 10 pm.

Sarah Paulson to Return to ‘American Horror Story’ for Season 7 – Details Unveiled



 American Horror Story is coming back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will both appear on the seventh season, according to, executive producer Ryan Murphy.

He revealed to reporters at the Television Critics Association’s press tour  that the upcoming season will be set in modern times.

“There are only three people in the world who know what [the new season is about],” executive producer Ryan Murphy teased on Thursday. “And that’s FX CEO John Landgraf, [studio executive] Dana Walden, and Sarah Paulson.” (Excluding himself, obviously.) “I don’t know [if we’ll keep it quiet]. Last year was successful. I don’t know if we’ll do it again. I think maybe we’ll release some of it earlier than we did. But I just started writing it, I haven’t even cast it yet — except for Sarah and Evan. It’s a modern-day story. That’s all I can say.”

FX CEO Landgraf weighed in, confirming that he plans to keep things under wraps. “It actually will be shrouded in super secrecy,” he said. “Ryan has yet another really innovative idea for how to do something fresh and different with the franchise that audiences haven’t seen before, and there’s a marketing promotional hook around that.”


‘Twin Peaks’ Reboot Gets a Premiere Date



Showtime’s Twin Peaks reboot officially has an air date!

The show will debut on May 21 for to-hours at 9 p.m EST, according  to Deadline. The third and fourth episodes will then be available online immediately after the premiere.

The reboot will have a total of 18 hour-long episodes.

In regards to the revival Showtime president David Nevins had this to say, “I think this is the pure heroin version of David Lynch and I’m excited to put it out.” Asked about the possibility of a second season, he didn’t rule out the possibility but noted that the upcoming season “is designed to be a close-ended, one-time event.”





‘The Simpsons’ Hour-Long Hip hop Episode Airs This Sunday [Promo Video]




The Simpsons is getting ready to air its Hip Hop-inspired hour-long show this coming Sunday.

The episode, titled “The Great Phatsby,” will be a play on “The Great Gatsby.”
Some of the actors and artists that will be featured in the show in life Snoop Dogg, Common, Keegan-Michael Key (who plays a washed up rapper) Taraji P. Henson, and RZA.
Check out the new promo for the episode below.

Bobby Brown is Doing Fine Despite Failing Health Rumors



Bobby Brown  is in good health, despite rumors that he has been ill.

The singer  was excited to be at the Boston premiere of the BET miniseries The New Edition Story on Sunday (Jan. 8). 

“I really want to get back to Los Angeles,” he told PEOPLE. “My kid has to go to school tomorrow, so I’ve got to get a plane.”

When asked about tabloid stories of him suffering from a serious sickness, which his lawyer said was “untrue” Brown also dismissed the claims.

“People make up a lot of different stories about me. But, as you can see, I’m fine, and handsome, and healthy,” he said, laughing. “Look at me. I’m happy as a lark.”

Brown is gearing up for the release of the New Edition three-part miniseries, which airs Jan. 24, 25 and 26. The miniseries will chronicle his early days in the chart-topping R&B pop group.

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